Making Your Room More Interesting With Suncatcher

Making Your Room More Interesting With Suncatcher

Do you want a nice decoration or something that can fit over your bed, while still looking elegant and exclusive? We can make something to your liking.

The suncatcher is made of native Irish wood and Asfour crystals. When exposed directly to sunlight, the crystal acts as a prism and refracts a bright rainbow-like color on the surrounding walls. We can personalize your suncatcher by engraving a name, date, favorite quote, or occasion, we can engrave your child’s date of birth, you can take it to someone as a baptism gift or first birthday, wedding, or if you want to surprise someone like this and brighten their day.


We work to order, and usually offer a variety of shapes. Although these include the crescent, concentric ring, irises, leaves, and horseshoes. We are sure you can find at least one that you would like and that would be ideal for a gift. Anything if you want to carve in the wood we offer, we can fill it for you. Let’s say I love you first, or your baby’s first word. The first sentence of the person you love, or if you have a nice sentence with a friend. If you want to make someone happy, let it be this way. We do everything by hand and engrave.

Suncatcher has a special wood that has a nice scent, which is smooth and fits perfectly with the crystal. Don’t wait, order it now and please someone who is special to you. Whatever you want to engrave to write, we will do it with a special tool for it.