Clean That Floor

Knowing How To Clean That Floor

When it comes to getting rid of a mess and making sure that your home looks perfect, knowing how to clean that floor can save you time, money, and cut down on stress. That’s because no two messes are the same and when you try and treat them the same you can actually make the mess worse. Generally people think that soap and water will fix everything, but in some cases it just spreads the problem, in others it leads to mold, and in some it gets the problem out on the surface but leaves the issue lurking just beneath the surface.
Here are a few ways to clean that floor!

Clean That Floor

If you are trying to get rid of urine or any pet odors, you likely want to work with an enzyme cleaner. This is because the enzymes that are produced by animals for territory marking are still able to be smelled by pets through normal cleaning products. This is why areas that have been marked by a cat will continue to be hit, even when it smells just fine to humans.

If you are trying to get a stain out of a hardwood floor, avoid steam and instead work with a soft cloth and a lot of oil based soap. This helps prevent the wood from discoloring, keeps it from warping, and actually serves to condition as you go along. At the end of this process, the floor often looks better than it did in the beginning.

For carpets, try to avoid using soap and water without using a carpet cleaner or making sure that the entire area is put under a dryer until it feels bone dry. This is because carpets and their padding trap water and create mold and other allergens. By only working with a carpet cleaning machine or ensuring the area gets dry, you make sure that there is no opportunity for mold to form.